GeekTale Smart Door Knob - Matte Black

Key Features:

1. 3-IN-1 Unlock Ways: GeekTale's smart door knob offers three convenient unlocking methods in one device: fingerprint unlock, App control, and emergency backup keys. It's the perfect keyless entry door lock solution.

2. Simplicity with Enhanced Security: This biometric door lock allows for App control, making fingerprint management and unlocking records easily accessible. It also includes features like auto lock, passage mode, and secure lock, enhancing convenience and security for your home. It's designed to help create a smarter and more convenient life while ensuring the safety of your family.

3. Classical Design with Modern Functionality: The biometric door knob combines a classic door knob design with fingerprint lock functionality and modern App control. It's an ideal choice for bedroom doors, offices, apartments, AirBnBs, and hotels.

4. Easy Installation: Installing the fingerprint door knob is a breeze and can be done with just a screwdriver in minutes. It's designed to fit most US doors, allowing for easy replacement of existing door locks. Detailed installation steps and videos are provided for your convenience.

5. Localized Customer Service Guarantee: Enjoy peace of mind with a worry-free 30-day return policy and 24-hour technical support available via email or phone. If you encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.


1. Enhanced Security: Ensure the security of your home or property with multiple unlocking options for your peace of mind. The GeekTale Smart Door Knob offers secure methods of entry, including fingerprint recognition and emergency backup keys. App control adds an extra layer of security, allowing you to effortlessly manage fingerprints and access records. Additionally, features such as auto lock and secure lock further bolster the safety of your space, guaranteeing robust protection for your home.

2. Convenience and Accessibility: Experience the ultimate convenience of keyless entry through fingerprint unlocking, eliminating the need to carry physical keys. The App control feature simplifies access management, making it a breeze for homeowners and property managers to monitor and control access with ease. The passage mode also provides a solution for granting temporary access, making it perfect for accommodating guests or service personnel.

3. Modern Design and Versatility: The GeekTale Smart Door Knob seamlessly merges classic design with modern functionality, elevating the aesthetics of your door. Its adaptability ensures suitability for a variety of settings, including bedrooms, offices, apartments, AirBnB properties, and hotels. Beyond enhancing security, it complements the overall visual appeal of your space, adding a touch of sophistication.

4. Easy Installation: Enjoy a swift and trouble-free installation process with basic tools and straightforward instructions. Designed to fit most standard US doors, the smart door knob serves as a hassle-free replacement for existing door locks. Detailed installation steps and videos are provided to ensure a seamless setup, allowing you to fortify your security effortlessly.

5. Reliable Customer Support: Rest assured with a risk-free purchase, thanks to the 30-day return policy. If you encounter any issues or require assistance, our 24-hour technical support team is readily available via email or phone to provide the guidance and support you need.

6. Keyless Entry: Bid farewell to the inconvenience of physical keys as the GeekTale Smart Door Knob offers a keyless entry experience. Enjoy the simplicity of keyless access, ensuring that you and authorized users are never locked out.

7. Improved Home Automation: Elevate your home automation to new heights by seamlessly integrating your door lock into your smart home ecosystem. This enhancement transforms your overall home automation experience, allowing you to control and monitor your door lock alongside other smart devices with ease.

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